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Private Lending for Mortgage Brokers & Brokerages

1000’s of mortgage brokers are already using  the knnct Private Mortgage Lending Platform to source private mortgage Loans – both Commercial Mortgages and Residential Mortgages. 

knnct’s MatchItTM technology matches the Mortgage Broker Deals with every Lender using the knnct platform whose lending criteria matches your deal with Just One Click! -AND- It’s Free for Mortgage Brokers to Access and Post Your Deals!

Badly Needed

I love the lender platform and love how it looks and works. And the new sales platform provides a secondary market for mortgages which is badly needed.

Shannon August
AAREA Private Mortgages

A Great Platform for Private Lenders

As a lender, knnct presents a potential deal in a one-page format that provides all the details needed to consider and quote on a deal. A great platform for a private lender to review deals on.

Darren Woodcock
Keep Capital

An Incredible Useful Tool

I think what you’ve done is that you’ve built an incredibly useful tool for lenders and brokers.

Zahra Marani
Representative for groups of Private Lenders

Multiple Offers in less that 24 hours

The knnct platform really works – it was great that I got multiple offers in less than 24 hours. And I didn’t have to send the deal everywhere to get those offers

Shanta Latchmana - Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Architects

I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.

WOW! This is amazing – I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.
Sheldon Brown - Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Architects

3 Offers on first application

On my first application, I got 3 different offers on the same day and I was able to present that to my client.

My client was really happy to see those different options.

I really love the platform!

Jaspreet Dhugga - Principal Broker
The Mortgage Centre

knnct Private Lending Network For Mortgage Brokers

knnct is an independent technology company with a very simple fee structure. We are paid by the lenders - in most cases for every successfully funded deal. The knnct platform is free to access for Mortgage Brokers and Brokerages.
*knnct is paid a connection fee by most lenders but some lenders have opted to pay an annual subscription fee

How It works

STEP 1 - Post

Post the details of your client’s deal on knnct’s secure Lending Platform

Provide the details of the deal that you’re looking to get funded along with uploading any relevant documents. Trust us the more is better. The lenders want to know the details of the deal - things like location, property type, estimated value, and loan amount. But they also want to know about the details about your clients and their circumstances.  Uploading client documents securely onto the platform avoids needing to email files to every lender you contact.

BEST PRACTICE: Use the Notes section to add commentary to the information you’ve entered – More lenders respond to deals that have more details provided up front!

STEP 2 - Match

Matching your deal to the Right Lender based on lending Criteria

By posting your deal to knnct’s platform and knnct will automatically notify every lender on the platform that’s interested in a deal like yours. How do we determine which lenders will be interested? Simple, because they tell us what their lending criteria, our MatchItTM  technology which lenders have a lending criteria that matches your deal in REAL TIME!

No more Google searches trying to find private lenders. No more needing posting it to multiple platforms. And no more to reaching out to multiple lenders who may not be interested (or unable) to fund your deal. knnct does the hard work of getting your deal in front of the RIGHT lenders for you.

STEP 3 - Connect

Connect with Lenders that are interested in your deal and make you an offer that’s best for your client

Based on the information on the deal that you post, specific lenders will be notified about your deal and have a chance to review the information and determine if it’s a deal that they’re prepared to underwrite. Lenders that like your deal can make you an offer – fast and easy with knnct’s EZOfferTM widget. And if their offer is the best offer for your client, you can accept that offer.
If broker or lender has any questions about either the deal or an offer, knnct’s messaging system allows for anonymous communication between lenders and brokers. And lenders that don’t like the deal for any reason, can simply ignore it.

With knnct, it’s possible that you get multiple offers and it’s possible that you get them quickly! Deals and offers are posted anonymously – meaning deals are reviewed and funded based on the merits of the deal rather than a personal relationship – better, quicker decisions. Plus, you don’t end up with a bunch of cold calls after the fact; lenders don’t know who you are until an offer has been made and you’ve accepted.

STEP 4 - Funded

It’s all about getting your client’s deal funded

No matter the circumstances, the most important thing to you is getting your client funded and putting them in a position where they have the capital that they need.

So, once you’ve accepted a lender’s offer that you and your client believe to be the best for their needs, the lender’s name and contact information are provided to you - and the successful lender is provided your contact information - so that you can connect and move towards finishing the deal together!

That allows you to quickly to move past the offer received to getting the lender’s commitment letter and then getting your deal closed and funded.

Why Join the knnct Private Lending Network

The knnct marketplace platform and lending network creates lender competition and helps to get you and your clients multiple offers with quick response times. Having choices can never be a bad thing – with the added bonus that it helps to save your client’s money. knnct helps you get the best deal for your client – fast and easy. More lenders who see your deal increases the likelihood of multiple offers – increasing deal quality – leading to a better deal for you client. Deals get done fast, with initial offers typically received within 24 hours!

Unparalleded Access

Brokers/borrowers have access to every licensed private lender on the platform – from credit unions to MICs to MIEs and beyond.


A faster and easier process because the technology helps to ensure shorter deal cycles & reduced time to receive offers to fund helping brokers to generate more revenues, more quickly

Competitive Advantage

We’ve all heard the phrase: work smarter not harder. The knnct platform provides brokers with the digital tools to work smarter with less “churn” and wasted time. This gives brokers more time for business development while the knnct platform works its magic.


Less expensive, faster process with shorter deal cycles & reduced time to fund helping brokers/borrowers to generate more revenues, more quickly

Better Customer Experience

Without working any harder, brokers can receive multiple offers from lenders allowing brokers to create significant value for their clients by ensuring that they source the offer that works best for the client’s needs. Happy clients leads to more referrals

Reduces Costs / Increases Revenues

Reduces brokerage expenses by 40% while increasing agent/brokerage revenues by up to 20%

knnct - An Uncomplicated Private Lending Platform

knnct is a private lending, lead generation engine helping mortgage brokers to find the right lenders and helping lenders to find the right deals – fast and easy.

knnct is not a mortgage brokerage and does not participate in co-brokered deals.  knnct is an independent technology company with a simple fee for service structure. We are paid by the lender on every successfully funded deal.

The knnct platform is free to access for Mortgage Brokers and Brokerages.


Types of deals getting funded

Commercial Mortgages

With access to over 100 commercial lenders from across Canada, knnct provides you with access to a variety of commercial lenders ensuring that you and your clients have the right commercial mortgage options, terms, and interest rates for their needs. Join our private lending network today. Free access to brokers!

Residential Mortgages

With more than 120 Canadian private lenders registered to the knnct lending network, you and your clients have access to a variety of private lenders that are actively looking for deals giving you more access to lending solutions to meet the needs of your clients. Join our private lending network today. Free access to brokers!

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Canada's Private Lending  Network

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