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Save Time and Money with the Best Online Private Lender Lead Generation Solution. 

knnct Private Lending Platform provides you with highly qualified deal flow for new mortgage origination loan deals – deals that you probably aren’t seeing right now. knnct matches and connects you only to the deals you want to see – the ones that actually match your lending criteria! And knnct reduces deal cycle times and deal costs by 60%. 

Only pay for successful transactions! 

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Badly Needed

I love the lender platform and love how it looks and works. And the new sales platform provides a secondary market for mortgages which is badly needed.

Shannon August
AAREA Private Mortgages

A Great Platform for Private Lenders

As a lender, knnct presents a potential deal in a one-page format that provides all the details needed to consider and quote on a deal. A great platform for a private lender to review deals on.

Darren Woodcock
Keep Capital

An Incredible Useful Tool

I think what you’ve done is that you’ve built an incredibly useful tool for lenders and brokers.

Zahra Marani
Representative for groups of Private Lenders

Multiple Offers in less that 24 hours

The knnct platform really works – it was great that I got multiple offers in less than 24 hours. And I didn’t have to send the deal everywhere to get those offers

Shanta Latchmana - Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Architects

I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.

WOW! This is amazing – I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.
Sheldon Brown - Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Architects

3 Offers on first application

On my first application, I got 3 different offers on the same day and I was able to present that to my client.

My client was really happy to see those different options.

I really love the platform!

Jaspreet Dhugga - Principal Broker
The Mortgage Centre

Your New Best Business Development & Lending Channel

Quick and Easy

knnct’s process-specific tools and a robust origination workflow application including mortgage application, matching & a messaging feature that allows you to ask for additional documents or simply to get clarification on information in the application. knnct seamlessly matches each deal posted with the right lender based on each lender’s specific lending criteria.


Seamlessly matching of deals to the right lenders, knnct ensures that you aren’t wasting you time looking at deals that don’t match your lending criteria – reducing deal cycle times and costs – reducing human involvement and eliminating deal friction. knnct’s Platform is a unparalleled lead generation engine – deals come to you … without outbound cold calls and big ad budget requirements.


knnct’s Data-Driven Platform ensures accurate deal quality. Receive every deal that brokers post that matches your specific lending criteria. And knnct’s Deal Summary provides you with the most important deal information on a single page. When you see a deal that matches and that you’re interest, use knnct’s EZOffer tool to quickly (less than 1 minute) make an offer to the broker.

Step 1 - Post

Post and Customize your Lending Criteria

Provide us with an overview of the type of deal or deals that you’re looking for – get very specific with your criteria or keep it general and lots of deals. Either way, knnct wants to make certain that you only see deals that match the lending criteria that you’ve identified. And you receive notifications of deals in real time – once a deal is posted by a broker, if it’s a match to your lending criteria, you get it within seconds of it being posted..

Private Lender office

Step 2 - Match

Matching the right deals your lending criteria is the key

Every lender wastes a significant amount of time reviewing deals that don’t match their lending criteria.  Not with knnct – never waste time looking at the stuff that brokers throw at you hoping will stick.  Never feel compelled to do a deal that doesn’t meet your lending criteria. Review deals using the easy-to-use Deal Summary template to determine if the deal interests you to drill down deeper.

Step 3 - Connect

Make an Offer and Get Connected

knnct provides you with its EZOfferTM offer sheet that lets you
make create an offer in less than 60 seconds and send it to the broker in real-time using the knnct platform. If the broker and their client likes your offer, the mortgage broker will respond simply by clicking a button to accept your offer. Then you and the broker can move offline to move the deal forward and complete the underwriting process. Fast and easy!

Step 4 - Funded

Get Deal Done Quickly and Optimize Your Capital

The knnct lending network give an uncomplicated way to get high qualify deal flow on a timely basis that helps you to reduce deal cycle times and efficiently deploy and optimize your capital. Regardless of the capital under management, it’s about efficiency and optimization.

Why Join The knnct Private Lenders Network

Unparalled Access

Lenders have access to a every licensed broker on the platform


Unlike other platforms, knnct doesn’t just work with a small number of lenders or send the best deals to a specific lender. If the deal matches your lending criteria, we guarantee that you see it.

High Quality Lead Generation

knnct is a low-cost business development channel that generates high quality lead generation with shorter deal cycles ensuring optimal capital deployment.

Efficiency / Cost Savings

Reduces human involvement in the origination process by prioritizing & analyzing digitally-collected deal data – reducing time and costs in analyzing/vetting deals & making offers to brokers.


Expand or narrow your lending criteria whenever you wish - depending on circumstances – or have more than 1 lending criteria

Reduces Costs

Reduces deal cycle times and associated deal costs while simultaneously improving capital deployment and increasing lending revenues by up to 100%

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