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knnct Commercial  Mortgage Network

knnct commercial mortgage platform provides mortgage brokers and agents with access to more than 100 commercial lenders offering mortgage brokers and agents AND their clients a variety of commercial mortgage options, terms and interest rates.

It’s knnct’s knnct’s MatchItTM  app that enables knnct to identify every lender on the platform whose lending criteria matches every deal that’s been posted in nano-seconds.

The knnct commercial lending network helps mortgage brokers and agents to get their deals in front of the right commercial lenders – increasing your chances of success.


Commercial Mortgages

For knnct, it’s about getting the right mortgage deal in front of the right mortgage lenders so that decisions can be made more quickly and deals can get done faster.

knnct works to understand your deal and to meet your commercial mortgage needs

By asking the right questions and obtaining the kind of information to ensure that commercial lenders are getting the information that allows them to determine quickly if your deal is a deal that they would underwrite, knnct makes the commercial mortgage lending process faster, easier and more convenient.
knnct is able to reduce deal cycle times and deal cycle costs for lenders and provides them with high quality deal flow that actually matches their lending criteria.

No more wasting time looking at deals that don’t match your lending criteria.


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