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knnct Private Lending Network. Your #1 choice for getting mortgage deals Funded – See how Quick and Easy it is.

The knnct platform matches AND connects mortgage broker origination deals with over 150 select private lenders based on each lender’s funding criteria – whether it’s Residential Mortgages or Commercial Mortgages.

BROKERS: Find the perfect deal that matches your client’s needs.

LENDERS: Find the perfect deal that matches your lending criteria

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Access our Private Lending Network and get your residential or commercial mortgage loans Funded – Fast and Easy


Private Mortgage Lenders

Receive  Prequalified Mortgage Applications that match your Lending Criteria

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Mortgage Brokers

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Private Lenders

Mortgage Brokers and Private Lenders Make Money Faster and Easier by Simply Matching the Right Deal with the Right Lender 

knnct uses its proprietary technology to match the right broker deals with the right lenders based on lender criteria so that both brokers and lenders can close on the right deals faster and more efficiently.

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Badly Needed

I love the lender platform and love how it looks and works. And the new sales platform provides a secondary market for mortgages which is badly needed.

Shannon August
AAREA Private Mortgages

A Great Platform for Private Lenders

As a lender, knnct presents a potential deal in a one-page format that provides all the details needed to consider and quote on a deal. A great platform for a private lender to review deals on.

Darren Woodcock
Keep Capital

An Incredible Useful Tool

I think what you’ve done is that you’ve built an incredibly useful tool for lenders and brokers.

Zahra Marani
Representative for groups of Private Lenders

Multiple Offers in less that 24 hours

The knnct platform really works – it was great that I got multiple offers in less than 24 hours. And I didn’t have to send the deal everywhere to get those offers

Shanta Latchmana - Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Architects

I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.

WOW! This is amazing – I got an offer within 5 minutes of posting my deal.
Sheldon Brown - Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Architects

3 Offers on first application

On my first application, I got 3 different offers on the same day and I was able to present that to my client.

My client was really happy to see those different options.

I really love the platform!

Jaspreet Dhugga - Principal Broker
The Mortgage Centre



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How it works - Post | Match | Connect | Funded

The knnct Private Lending Network

knnct uses technology to accurately match and connect mortgage broker origination deals to the right lender using each lender's lending criteria so brokers and lenders are able to close their deals faster and more efficiently.

knnct is able to match and connect mortgage brokers and their borrowers with lenders based on the lender’s stated lending criteria.


Private Lenders

Lenders input their lending criteria into the knnct private lending platform: Types of applicants | Types of properties | Loan Purposes | Loans amounts | Loan To Value (LTV) | Closing Timing | Risk tolerance | Etc.

    Mortgage Brokers

    Brokers provide deal information and upload relevant documents into the knnct platform. The process takes 5-10 minutes. NO computing science degrees required!


      Private Lenders

      Lenders are matched only to deals that match their lending criteria. If it doesn’t match, the lender doesn’t see it. No more wasted time looking at deals that don’t match your lending criteria.

      Mortgage Broker

      Your deals are sent to every lender whose specific lending criteria matches your deal. More lenders and the RIGHT lenders reviewing the RIGHT deals leads to more offers leading to a better deal for your client. 


      Private Lenders

      If a lender is interested in a deal, the lender sends the broker an offer sheet using knnct’s EZOffer widget which takes less than 30 seconds to complete. If a lender doesn’t like the deal, no action is required. Got a question about the deal, connect anonymously to the broker using the knnct messaging feature.

        Mortgage Brokers

        If a lender likes your deal, they send you an offer – and if their offer is the one that makes the most sense for your client, you accept that offer. If broker has any questions about an offer, knnct’s messaging system allows for anonymous communication between lenders and brokers.


        Private Lenders

        Once the broker accepts a lender’s offer, broker and lender are connected together with contact information and can start finalizing a commitment.

          Mortgage Brokers

          Once a lender offer has been accepted, brokers can deal directly with the chosen lender to close the deal offline.

          One Deal / Multiple Lenders

          Increased Deal Flow

          Reduced Deal Cycle Time

          Types of deals getting funded

          Commercial Mortgages

          With access to over 100 commercial lenders from across Canada, knnct provides you with access to a variety of commercial lenders ensuring that you and your clients have the right commercial mortgage options, terms, and interest rates for their needs. Join our private lending network today. Free access to brokers!

          Residential Mortgages

          With more than 140 Canadian private lenders registered to the knnct lending network, you and your clients have access to a variety of private lenders that are actively looking for deals giving you more access to lending solutions to meet the needs of your clients. Join our private lending network today. Free access to brokers!

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