Selling/Purchasing Mortgage Assets

A Quick & Easy Platform to exchange mortgage assets.

knnct connects sellers of mortgage assets with potential purchasers.


A Fast & Easy Way To Manage Your Mortgage Assets Your Mortgage Assets

Instantly improve liquidity by transferring assets in part or entirety

Keep your capital working by acquiring existing mortgages from other lenders

Keep your fund balanced with exchanges by mortgage type, maturity, risk profile

Review opportunities anywhere in the world!


3 Simple Steps To Sell Your Mortgage Assets

1. Input relevant data regarding the mortgage assets you wish to sell – whether a single mortgage or a bundle of mortgages
2. Upload supporting documentation
3. Post your deal

It takes only minutes to get your deal in front of potential buyers!

Find Mortgage Assets To Purchase That Fit Your Needs – Fast & Easy.

knnct provides summaries of all mortgage deals listed for sale and then lets qualified purchasers filter the database to find opportunities that meet their needs and available capital.

knnct's mortgage sales platform connects buyers with sellers.

Fast. Convenient. Uncomplicated.

Close Transactions Quickly & Efficiently

knnct's streamlines the process to expedite your opportunity analysis, and then provides you with a direct line of communication so seller and buyer can quickly connect to complete the transaction! Give it a try - it’s FREE to post … knnct only gets paid if your transfer is successful.


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Registered Lenders

Take a peek at the knnct platform. Register and add your personalized lending criteria for free and see how easy and effective it is to find new deals. Or, if you would prefer to have a guided tour, our account representatives are standing by and will be happy to introduce you to our platform. Book a demo today and learn more about the technology that’s changing the industry.

knnct Delivers Confidence

More Leads. Better Quality Deals. Quicker underwriting process. Higher fund returns.

knnct delivers results. Guaranteed.