knnct to your new best business channel.

Breakthrough technology connecting you with brokers who have active deals you want to see.


Generating More Deals

knnct algorithms to analyze, identify and rank every mortgage deal that matches your lending criteria. Get notified instantly when a deal matches, then connect with licensed agents directly through the platform.

No need for cold calls or relying on your personal relationships with brokers to get deal flow.

Generating Better Deals

knnct's data engine analyzes & compares every deal against your lending criteria, ensuring that you only see deals that match what you want to see. And there’s no need to spend time declining deals – if you’re interested, simply respond with a quote or request more information. If not, just ignore it and move on.

Save time and money.

Deploy Capital Quicker

Access deals that you would never have seen previously. Accelerate the underwriting process by only pursuing deals that match your criteria. Broaden your criteria to see more available deals.

knnct delivers better returns.

Technology Is Our Business

knnct's innovative platform works hard to find you new deals so you don’t have to. All for a reasonable monthly member’s fee. No success, underwriting or administration fees. Cancel anytime!

It’s your money. Period.

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Registered Lenders

Take a peek at the knnct platform. Register and add your personalized lending criteria for free and see how easy and effective it is to find new deals. Or, if you would prefer to have a guided tour, our account representatives are standing by and will be happy to introduce you to our platform. Book a demo today and learn more about the technology that’s changing the industry.

knnct Delivers Confidence

More Leads. Better Quality Deals. Quicker underwriting process. Higher fund returns.

knnct delivers results. Guaranteed.